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What is special about kiosk GEORG?


GEORG has got lots of friends.

These friends are helping GEORG:

  • Some of the friends cooperate voluntarily at the Kiosk GEORG.

  • Some of the friends support the Kiosk GEORG by giving money.



GEORG is run by Work-aut.

The word Work-aut is pronounced like this: «Work» as you know it in English, and «aut» as the English «out».


Work-aut supports people with autism in different realms:

  • At school

  • At work

  • Living indepentently

Work-aut consults people regarding autism.

Consulting covers different areas, such as:

  • Family members of autists

  • Caregivers of autists

  • Teachers of autists

  • Employers of autists

Work-aut employs people with autism.

Autists also can serve an apprenticeship at Work-aut.


Work-aut adapts work to their employees.

Work-aut asks:

  • What are the employees’ skills?

  • What are the employees’ weaknesses?

Therefore, Work-aut searches for a suitable kind of work.


Work-aut follows two goals:

  • People with autism should live as independently as possible.

  • People with autism should live a good life.


Schools for children with special needs

The CP school in St. Gallen is friend of GEORG’s as well.

The letters CP stand for the word cerebral palsy.

Cerebral palsy actually means: cerebral movement disorder.

Part of the friends of GEORG’s is the Roth-Haus in Teufen, too.


Teenagers and adults from the CP school and from the Roth-Haus work at the kiosk GEORG.



GEORG also has volunteers as friends.

GEORG needs more volunteers for the future.

These volunteers cooperate un-paid.

            That means:

  • The volunteers work for some hours a week at the kiosk.

  • The volunteers are not paid for their work.


Working at the kiosk GEORG is interesting.

Because at GEORG, you can meet many people who are different.


Further, the work at the kiosk GEORG is worthwile for the community.

Because GEORG helps people with special needs.


Would you like joining us as a volunteer at the kiosk GEORG?

If so, please contact as by e-mail. Our address is:




Übertragung in Leichte Sprache: Übersetzung: Matteo De Pedrini


The friends from Kiosk GEORG

GEORG ist barriere·frei

Where is the kiosk GEORG?

GEORG is welcoming all people.

People both with impairments and without meet at GEORG.


This is why GEORG is barrier-free.

          This means:

                    All people can benefit from GEORG:

                    No matter if they are disabled or not.


GEORG is accessible for wheelchairs.

Furthermore, at the kiosk GEORG, photos or symbols label all products.


Symbols are simple pictures.

Can’t a customer read?

Or can’t a customer talk?

If not, the customer can point at the symbol.

In this way, the employees of GEORG can understand the customer.

GEORG is at the top station of the Mühlegg cable car.

This is a good place.

Because here are many people passing by.


The Mühlegg cable car connects the old city of St. Gallen to the Drei Weiern.

Drei Weiern is the name of a destination for outings in St. Georgen.

There are many people at Drei Weiern for leisure.

At the Drei Wiern, people have different options, for instance:

  • going for a walk

  • in the summertime: bathing

  • in the winter: tobogganing

GEORG is a particular kiosk:

Because people with autism work at the kiosk GEORG.

Autism is an impairment.

People with autism are called autists.


Autists have a particular kind of perception.

This means:

  • Autists feel different from people without autism.

  • Autists hear different from people without autism.

  • Autists smell different from people without autism.

  • Autists think different from people without autism.


Autists are very good at some things.

At some things, autists are even better than other people are.

But there are things autists are not so good at.

Sometimes, autists behave different from other people.

This is why many autists do not have a job.


The kiosk GEORG helps people with autism.

People with autism can work at GEORG.

GEORG gives people a support.

GEORG asks:

          What is a person good at?

After this, GEORG is seeking a job that fits to the person.

For instance:

          Hanna is good at mathematics.

          This is why Hanna is working at the cash register.


          Paul is tidy and well organized.

          This is why Paul is responsible for the stock.

          Paul is filling the shelves.

          Further, Paul checks for instance:

  • Are there enough beverages left?

Is anything missing?

GEORG sells different products.

            Such as:

  • Sweets

  • Newspapers

  • Reviews

  • Coffee

  • Cigarettes


GEORG also sells some products of shops and farmers from the region.

            Such as:

  • Croissants

  • Apple juice/cider

  • Eggs

What is sold at the Kiosk GEORG?

GEORG is a kiosk.

GEORG’s place is in St. Georgen.

            St. Georgen is a neighbourhood in St. Gallen.

That is why the kiosk’s name is GEORG.

The oppening hours are:

Every day 9.00 to 18.00

Who is Georg?

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